About Us

Our motto: Let out your ROAR!

What we believe in: Perseverance, sweat, and self love. Embrace the journey you take to reach your goals and get up from every stumble and fall with a smile. 

The voice of self belief can often be a little too quiet. We believe in digging deep to find and release your roar.

Yoga often looks graceful, but each pose requires energy, strength, time and commitment.  

Our story:

Kat, the Founder of Roaring Fit, has always had a love for the outdoors and adventure. Surfing, paddleboarding, wakeboarding, hiking, camping are just a few of her passions.

Kat began yoga several years ago to help her destress from the daily grind, provide focus and help with sleep.  Not only did it provide benefits to her mindset, she quickly realised yoga also helped improve her performance in other activities she loved by building her strength and balance.

Kat loves the challenges that many yoga poses offer and the simple fact that there are no shortcuts. It's simply perseverance, practice and self belief that's required. 

Roaring Fit's yoga mats combine beautiful prints of the ocean, on a soft and luxurious vegan suede  (microfibre) top, combined with a natural rubber base. 

The vegan suede top helps to improve performance on the mat as the absorbent layer soaks up any sweat and prevents slip. In fact the sweatier you get, the greater the grip.

Head stand on a roaring fit yoga mat on the beach.