A Unique Gift

Reward a colleague for their excellent work, thank a corporate partner for being an extension to your team, or show a friend or loved one that you care. Roaring Fit yoga mats are a unique and thoughtful gift. 

Here's 5 reasons why we think a Roaring Fit yoga mat is the perfect gift; 

1) Keeping the body and mind in shape is all the range. And as we enter 'Dry July' a bottle of bubbles may not be the ideal gift. If the person you're buying a present for invests in their health and fitness surprise them with a premium yoga mat! 

2) Sweating whilst working out on a mat can often lead to slipping - right when leading up to the all time move that requires as much grip as possible. Help your friend, or business partner enhance their performance with a non-slip mat. The vegan microfibre top layer of Roaring Fit yoga mats offers great grip. The sweatier you get the gripper it gets. 

3) Whether working out at home or in the yoga studio, these seascape and sunset prints are bound to bring calm and tranquility to anyone's practice, no matter where you are. Help the people you care about let go of their daily stresses and offer then a moment of escape.  

4) They are oh so soft, smooth and pretty to look at that even if a workout isn't called for, it's hard not to want to take time out and have a little shavasana (rest). 

5) It's a gift that's long lasting, that can be rolled up, and used time and time again any place, any time. It's a gift that will not be forgotten. The perfect way to make sure you're always thought of fondly. 

Choose from our collection of yoga mats now. 

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